Support the museum

Supporting the Museum is as light as silk

There are many possibilities to support the Museum and its activity:
1 - become a member
2 - make a donation
3 - give the Museum entrance tickets as a gift
4 - buy the items on sale at the Museum Gift and Book shop
5 - organise a special event at the Museum

1 - Become a member
The Silk Museum is a cultural institution run by a private Association, whose mission is to carry out research and preserve the history of silk in Como area.
As a consequence, it is important to consolidate the results the Museum has obtained so far and fulfil its activity: anyone can support the Museum, also by becoming a member.

2 - Make a donation
or leave a legacy (devices, textile/silk machinery, patterns, samples, clothes and accessories, bobbin laces, embroideries, documents, books, photos) so as to preserve such important heritage for future generations.

3 - Give the Museum entrance tickets as a gift
Invite your friends, relatives and colleagues to the Museum to enjoy an enriching experience.

4 - Buy the items on sale at the Museum Gift and Book shop
For further information, please see Shop.

5 - Organize a special event at the Museum

The Educational Silk Museum thanks private individuals, institutions and companies for supporting the Museum activity and initiatives through contributions, donations and work.

Work with us

Do you want to work with us?

It is possible to serve one's apprenticeship/internship or to volunteer in various areas, such as projects, event organisation, reception, education.
It is necessary to send the Curriculum Vitae to the Silk Museum and state one's skills and area of interest, which are going to be taken into consideration according to the Museum requirements.