16/03/2006 - 18/04/2006
900 Di Vetro

The Educational Silk Museum hosts the important exhibition “900 Di Vetro”, thanks to the cooperation of Eliseo Ravasi, a collector and scholar of the glass art.
Such initiative is integrating part of the Museum educational mission; in fact, the Museum is particularly interested in the research carried out by the glass art on both colours and shapes in the 20th century, a period of artistic ferment involving printed and patterned silk fabrics as well.
The exhibition is organised along the ideal tour of glass production, from “Venini” factory (1920s) to Carlo Scarpa, Giò Ponti, Fulvio Bianconi and Egidio Costantini; the 1930s represent the decade of technical experimentation and the 1940s the renaissance after the Second World War. Finally, the 1950s and the following years are also represented by numerous artists.
The collection is composed of 150 Italian items, mainly from Murano.
Educational videos on this wonderful art are also played during the exhibition and the catalogue of the exhibition is on sale.