04/10/2003 - 17/10/2003
La settimana AMI-Lombardia – ‘Binche lace’ and the works of Lombardy schools

The Museum hosts, for the fourth year in a row, “Associazione Merlettaie Italiane” and their exhibition on ‘Binche lace’, on the occasion of the five-year project “Progetto Penelope”, which started in year 2000 in order to preserve ancient techniques and artefacts.
‘Binche lace’ is the theme of the historical section; in particular, it is possible to admire laces of the 18th century and created to embellish clothes, and others dating back to the 20th century coming from Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.
The modern section displays the works of 17 Lombardy bobbin lace schools; moreover, it is also possible to see many books on both ancient and modern laces.
A two-day stage on ‘Binche lace’, held by teacher Nelly Favro Comino from Cuneo (Piedmont), is taking place on 11th and 12th October.