The Association

“Associazione per il Museo della Seta di Como” was established in via Castelnuovo 9 (Como) in 1992 and it is charged with running the Silk Museum.
Particularly, it is a non-profit-making Association aiming at spreading the textile culture by doing research, studying, restoring and exhibiting the textile heritage from Como and Lombardy.
Such Association is composed of Soci Promotori, Soci Ordinari and Soci Sostenitori from both private and public Institutions. The Assembly, on proposal of the Board of Direction, appoints Soci Onorari. (Art. VII Charter).
The Assembly appoints 11 elected Councillors of the Board of Direction, and the members of the College of Auditors. (Art. XII Charter).

Juridical Form


Associazione Amici del ‘27
Associazione Ex-Allievi del Setificio

1 Elected Councillor (Angelo Donati)

Provincia di Como
Comune di Como
Camera di Commercio di Como

2 Elected Councillors (Gisella Introzzi, Francesca Paini)

Ass. Amici del ‘27
Ass. Ex Allievi del Setificio
Ass. Italiana Disegnatori Tessili
Confartigianato Imprese Como
Confcommercio Como
Confindustria Como

4 Elected Councillors (Giovanna Baglio, Matteo Brenna, Davide Gobetti, Paolo Piadeni)


4 Elected Councillors (Daniela Brenna, Maurizio Moscatelli, Andrea Taborelli, Federico Vitali)

Franco Denti, Francesco Rezzonico e Gianluigi Rossi.
Full members and Supporter members

A number of associates are members.


Ass. Amici del ‘27
Ass. Ex Allievi del Setificio

Public institutions

Provincia di Como
Comune di Como
Camera di Commercio di Como

Professional organisations

Ass. Italiana Disegnatori Tessili
Confartigianato Imprese Como
Confcommercio Como
Confindustria Como
Companies and individuals

Ambrogio Pessina Srl
Canepa Spa
Clerici Tessuto & C. Spa
Clerici Srl Tintoria Filati
Fratelli Vitali di Roberto Spa
Gentili Mosconi
Guggiari Spa
Larioseta Spa
Mantero Seta Spa
Pentagono Seta
Ratti Spa
Sampietro Spa
Società Serica Trudel Spa
Stamperia di Lipomo Spa
Successori Giuseppe Cattaneo Spa
Taroni Spa
Tessitura Attilio Bottinelli Srl
Tessitura Serica A.M. Taborelli
Torcitura Domaso Srl
Lariohotels Srl
Meta Spa
Villa D'Este Spa
Banca Albertini Syz Spa
Kpmg Spa
The preserved Heritage

Museum Collection

Most of the material comes from both factories and single donations keeping the history of the area alive.

What can be found at the Museum?

The heritage is made up of thousands of items partly on display:
- Historical textile devices and machinery of particular interest
- Archives of drawings, design paper, colour cards, samples and printing devices (photos 1, 2, 3, 4)
- Collections and objects (i.e. clothing accessories)
- Handmade textile articles, civil and religious silk collections, 20th century clothes, laces and embroideries (photo 5)
- Books and documents
- Weaving exercise books (photo 6)
- Collection of business and private letters
- Printings and lithographs (photo 7)
- Photographs (photo 8)
- Films

Many donations continue to enrich the Museum collection.
Consultation of the heritage not on display

On request, students and researchers can consult our material for degree thesis, specialized articles and studies.

PHOTO NO.1: Technical drawing for “Omita SB silk loom” (Como-Albate).
Year: 1947. Free loan: Giorgio Giamminola.
PHOTO NO.2: Design paper with fabric sample made by “Ditta Stromilli” (Como).
Origin: “Ditta Rosasco” (Como).
PHOTO NO. 3: Colour cards from “Tessiture Seriche Bernasconi” (Cernobbio).
Origin: “Tintoria Pessina” (Como). Donation: Eredi Pessina (Como).
PHOTO NO.4: Reference book from “La Serica”. Year: 1932.
PHOTO NO. 5: 22-colour patterned fabric from a Fasmi Biedermeier drawing (first half of the 19th Century). Origin: “Seterie Bianchi” (Capiago Intimiano).
PHOTO NO.6: One of Gioacchino Lissoni’s weaving exercise books.
Year: 1856-1858. Donation: Vittorio Zambarbieri.
PHOTO NO.7: “Tintoria Comense” advertising. Year: 1927.
PHOTO NO.8: Overall view of “Casnati” factory (Fenegrò). Year: 1910

Recognitions / Certifications

Formal recognitions to Associazione per il Museo della Seta di Como and Museo didattico della Seta.

14th June 1999 – Legal entity to Associazione per il Museo della Seta di Como.
5th November 2004 – First recognition to museums and collections in Lombardy.
Three-year recognition to the Educational Silk Museum from Regione Lombardia.
2nd August 2007 – Second recognition to museums and collections from Regione Lombardia.
With reference to art.20 Dlg 39 of 2013, the Como Silk Museum not being a private law entity in public control, it is not required to publish the declarations of non-existence of causes of incompatibility and incompatibility.