The Educational Silk Museum treasures, collects and displays machines, objects, documents, samples and instruments witnessing the glorious past of the textile industry that still nowadays rewards Como as the “City of Silk”.
Moreover, its technical and artistic heritage is arranged in an easily accessible building.
The love and passion for silk have ancient origins and have also been consolidated by the local Camera di Commercio, Provincia and Comune di Como since 1866 through the organisation of professional courses for textile operators.

Exhibitions / Events at the Museum
ComOn 2014 ComOn 2014
01 Ottobre 2014 / 31 Ottobre 2014
This ComOn 2014 is the seventh since it started and we now approach further internationalisation and Expo 2015, from which the event has obtained official patronage. The link with the home area has however remained fundamental.  [...]

01 Ottobre 2014 / 16 Novembre 2014


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