The Educational Silk Museum has organised the “European Competition for a bobbin lace” since 2005, and it has become biennial since 2009.
The theme of the competition is a wooden printing block, whose black and white photograph is part of the announcement of competition.
The aim of the Museum is to preserve ancient artefacts (bobbin laces), techniques, materials (silk) and traditional arts in order to avoid their decay.
The competition can be entered by schools, associations, educational institutions, museums, craftsmen, artists and designers from the EU and Switzerland.
The participating works are examined by an International Jury, whose members are art, design and bobbin lace experts.

5th European Competition for a bobbin lace - 2013
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Past competitions

• 4th Competition - 2011
• 3rd Competition - 2009
• 2nd Competition - 2007
• 1st Competition - 2006

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